Regular Acrylic $20

Acrylic Nails are popular because they tend to keep your nails looking newly polished, less prone to chipping compared to your natural nails, and have given women’s hands an option to have a perfect 10 at all times!

Gel Nail $30

Gel nails tend to have a more natural and glossy appearance.It creates a thinner, more flexible artificial nail that looks more natural than acrylic nails. It also promotes the growth of natural nails and can be worn as a protective layer over your natural nails until your desired nail length is achieved.

Solar (Pink & White) Nail $38

A more appealing acrylic nail with luxury in mind. It produces a more natural look nail with a permanent French Manicure. Strong, natural look, non-yellow, are other advantages of this product. If you have lifting problems in the past, this is the product for you. If you tired with Frech color we also have many color so you can choice